View Full Version : No sound through PC play back 7.4

2009-10-07, 15:28
I bought this SQ classic 3 two week ago and it was working fine until I was asked to update to 7.4, thats when the heart ache set in.
I am now un able to hear my tracks through the pc on line squeezebox server as I could before, although it is streaming to my SQ classic 3 and stereo.
Ive checked the setting and I can play direct from my hDD ok but through the SQ web I get no sound through my PC.
The dam thing is going back for a refund if i DONT GET A SOLUTION SOON!

2009-10-07, 15:46
What were you using to play auidio through our PC before 7.4. Usually it is one of the following:
- stream.mp3 through player such as WMP
- Softsqueeze
- Squeezeplay
- Squeezeslave

2009-10-07, 20:32
Have you contacted support?