View Full Version : Alienstream Compiling Problem - Final Question

James Dunn
2004-07-03, 06:28

I think I've found a bug in 5.2...

If I have a scan running the CPU hits about 80-90% load but the music
carries on OK; I have no problem with this.

However, if using the web interface during the scan, clicking on statistics
creates a blocking condition and the music freezes until the screen updates
(The statistics are being shown for a different player to the one I noticed
the audio drop out on). This is very repeatable for me. I've also seen
this happen when it is automatically refreshing the playing list within the
player window. In this case, the freeze is much shorter and as it roughly
coincided with the end of the scan, it may have been caused by something

About 5400 tracks on a Celeron 1.1 processor with 512 MB memory - running RH
Linux 7. Fishbone skin.


James Dunn