View Full Version : 7.4 and CLI

2009-10-07, 11:33
I have installed 7.4 and begun modifying my remote control code to accommodate the 7.4 changes. The area I am workin on is My Apps and have issues with the following and any help suggestions would be appreciated:

1) My Apps on the web page returns 1 item, Pandora; whereas the CLI request for "apps" returns 15 items in XMLBrowser format.

2) As I navigate down the XMLBrowser tree I get to a returned list of two Items; email (userid) and Password

I am not sure what to send over the CLI interface for either of these items, but I suspect it will be the standard XMLBrowser type command. I am also not sure how one would perform a login when requested to do so also once again using the CLI Interface

Any Help Appreciated.

Also the CLI document does not appear to have been updated as it only talks about Music_Services and not apps; and still contains the commands for things like Pandora, Rhapsody, LMA, etc.

Any help Appreciated