View Full Version : How to play music via Controller (Duet)

2009-10-06, 14:15
I just upgraded my Duet to 7.4, finaly got it connected.
While playing with the menu on the Controller, I saw an option to choose Musicsource, and then choose for Controller. The Controller froze, restarted. And the strange thing is: I cannot find the option anymore to choose for Controller as Musicsource. As far as I can remember it was somewhere in Settings or Advanced (Dutch: Instellingen of Geavanceerd).

Am I missing something, or is there a bug in 7.4 so I cannot play my music via the Controller's speaker anymore (like in 7.3)?

Found it: had to turn Audio Playback (BETA) to Enabled; Then in Home-menu you can choose for the Controller as player.
Strange thing when I changed it back to Squeezebox> music kept playing via the Controller (but: it is BETA).