View Full Version : 7.4 working great even with radically different setup

Mark Lanctot
2009-10-06, 09:16
I'm not sure why there's such a kerfluffle over 7.4, it's working just fine over here...

I first installed this on my Ubuntu 9.04 server. I tried copying the prefs over, it kept the prefs for my SB2 but I lost my Boom prefs. Didn't take too long to get things back to where they were before though.

The big change came from my fiance. I told her she could use any of my players anytime she wanted, she said she didn't because none of her music was on the system. With the ability to name libraries with 7.4, I thought maybe it was time for a radical departure - I installed 7.4 on her MacBook and had it use iTunes for its music library.

It worked just fine. I was surprised, I don't have much experience with Macs and even less with iTunes, plus I was under the impression that iTunes integration was fussy. But no, it worked first time. And she's really pleased.

I made sure to add "Music Source" to the menus, all she has to do is turn on her MacBook and select that, scrolling down to her library.

So - over here - it's working on a completely different OS with what can be a difficult music application, no problem.

Thank you developers!