View Full Version : Radio stations in playlist - blank title

2009-10-05, 08:34
As a newcomer to the Squeezebox community with all the exciting CD-ripping ahead of me I'm mostly listening to radio on my SB3 right now.
In the realm of dos and don'ts this might be a don't, but I've been adding radio stations, mainly from SHOUTcast, to "Now playing" with the idea that I could flip through them with the back/fwd buttons.
Two problems:
1. The back/fwd idea bombed, sort of, sometimes it works, mostly it doesn't. Not a big problem, except for the new remote in MySB where I can't figure out how to switch stations at all.
2. When a radio station starts playing the song title is shown. If I change station and then later flip through the playlist with up/down arrows I don't see the name of the radio station any more. Previously it was usually the song title that was playing the last time I visitedto that station, but since the update last week it can also be the URL of the radio station or worse, a blank line, making it pretty hard to find a specific station.
Now, is this a bug or am being silly for using my box this way?