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2009-10-05, 00:18
Over the weekend I went through the very painful process of upgrading from 7.3.3 to 7.4. I know if it aint broke dont fix it - but

First time install works OK - I add the plugins that I had under 7.3.3 restart server. Music scan takes a while. I wait. No problems all OK. Reboot machine and none of my SBoxen can connect.

OK - thought this might be down to not fully uninstalling 7.3.3. So I unintsall everything and then delete the folders.

Redo everything again - same result (why wasnt I surprised ?). I investigate further and see that the server partially starts but cannot communicate with ports 9000 and 9090.

Looking in here it seems that problem is caused by trackstat plugin. I cannot get into the web consule to disable it - so another uninstall and reinstall is required (complete with an hours wait for another music rescan).

This time I dont install track stat and it seems more stable - at least my SB2 can play music, the SBC seems OK - but the SBR in the kitchen is not a happy bunny - keeps getting the blue 'cant connect to server' light, which comes and goes (it didnt have a problem with 7.3.3).

Itunes update plugin also doesnt seem to work - at least I cant find the update_hist file (not updated since the change from 7.3.3 to 7.4)

So at least trackstat and itunes update plugins dont work. I know they are 3rd plugins - but I had no idea that they would stop working.

I wasted a considerable amount of my weekend on this - and its only cos we love our SBoxen that I am willing to continue.

I am tempted to go back to 7.3.3 - but I like the new interface on the controller and would
really like this all to work.

So my basic question is what works OK under 7.4 and what causes problems ?

Slim server runs on an Atom powered server running XP home. I also have AVG running and the windows firewall (though disabling the later seemed to make no difference)

SB2 in lounge
SBR in kitchen
SBR in dining room
Boom - wherever !

2009-10-05, 01:27
Oh - and in case anyone is wondering .... I hope the above wasnt too negative

I really do appreciate the amouint of work that has done into improving the SB line up since my first SB2 puirchase 4 years ago.

I did go through th flakey period when I got my first Duert, but thats been stable for the last 6 months or so.

As I said - I do like the new look of 7.4 so would like to keep it if at all possible, but am prepared to fall back to 7.3.3 and wait til things become more stable if necessary