View Full Version : AAC with DRM / iTunes / Squeezebox

Phillip Kerman
2004-07-01, 13:12
> >> sure that you can't do that. Can it be hacked around? Yes.
> >> But those
> >> hacks aren't durable -- Apple will change iTunes to break them
> >> intentionally -- and they're of dubious legality in our DMCA world.
> >
> > I understand it isn't an easy thing to overcome this... but
> I don't believe
> > you're breaking any license by streaming music files you
> own from the same
> > computer that has the license. You can play them over
> iTunes afterall.
> Circumventing copy protection schemes is illegal under the
> DMCA, even if
> you don't do anything illegal with that circumvention, which
> is why DeCSS
> is under such a legal cloud.

Yeah, I'm not a lawyer. I'm just saying that with iTunes I can play paid
m4p files on any machine on my network via shared playlists. (This in
addition to the 3 computers where I can unlock the files.) So... this also
doesn't make Apple any additional revenue (except maybe that I am more
likely to buy a track if I know I can share it). Maybe it's possible
without violating the copy protection. I can put a laptop next to my stereo
and effectively make it behave like a SB.

Can't you also make an audio CD then rip those tracks?

For me, this is moot because iTunes only sells 128Kbit tracks (right?).