View Full Version : Wrong time after clocks changed.

mr nick
2009-10-04, 21:57
Where does SC pick up it's time info from? The clocks just changed here and now the SC time is wrong. I'm running SC on FreeNAS and the time is correct in there and my wireless router is also showing the correct time so I don't know where the time is being pulled from. Prior to the clocks changing everything has been correct so it was obviously getting the correct settings before so I'm not sure why it isn't now.

mr nick
2009-10-04, 22:36
Sorted out now - did a reboot of SC and all is well.

2009-10-04, 22:50
Where does SC pick up it's time info from?

It shows the time of the PC/Nas running SC. I presume after rebooting your NAS just updated its time automatically and this sorted it out.

mr nick
2009-10-04, 23:04
I haven't rebooted the NAS - just restarted SC on the NAS box.