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2004-07-01, 13:04
Obviously Apple has had to reach some compromise with the record
companies to put their music catalogs online. The current scheme is
pretty reasonable for most use. For squeezebox use of protected files
you can use HYMN to make plain AAC copies (http://hymn-project.org/).
These will probably not play with future versions of iTunes, but
there's no problem with slimserver. I find the convenience and
selection of the iTunes store offsets the DRM issue, though YMMV.


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> On Thu, 1 Jul 2004, Lorenzo Mazzucco wrote:
>> Do you think there will be a solution for listening AAC with DRM on
>> the
>> Squeezebox ?
> The problem is that, fundamentally, the entire point of DRM is to make
> sure that you can't do that. Can it be hacked around? Yes. But those
> hacks aren't durable -- Apple will change iTunes to break them
> intentionally -- and they're of dubious legality in our DMCA world.
> If you want to do interesting things with your music, don't buy it from
> Apple.
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