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2009-10-04, 16:54
so i have one master computer that stores all of my music. I play the music on my stereo with Logitech Duet and i have the boombox.

Now i'm up in my office and i want to access that music on this computer. I am on the same network.

I know i saw (SOMEWHERE) that i can subsribe to an audio stream on Itunes. but i have NO IDEA how to do it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm on a Mac.

I downloaded the squeezeplay software but am really not happy with it.

Unless there is an update to it.

2009-10-04, 17:56
If you have iTunes 9 on both computers, you can use the home sharing feature. http://www.tuaw.com/2009/09/22/mac-101-using-home-sharing-in-itunes-9/

Maybe that's what you're thinking of.

2009-10-04, 19:46
Use iTunes to connect to a radio stream at http://<server IP>:9000/stream.mp3 and you can then use the web interface to control it like a regular player.

2009-10-06, 11:55
Like a regular player that will play all of my songs on the computer that stores my music?

2009-10-06, 13:15
Like a regular squeezebox player.

2009-10-06, 19:56
a) In Windows you share the folder with your music on the main PC and make it available to other pcs on your network. Then you can use most types of software to access it by adding the folder. I assume Macs/Linux would have a similar feature. So you would add the shared folder to your music library in whatever software you prefer on the office pc.

b) In your office pc you can play the stream as suggested above in your favourite music software and control it via the web interface as suggested by radish.

c) You could install SqueezePlay on the office pc. It will behave like the controller and you can listen to your music on the other pc just like an extra player. You may be able to sync with the other players in the house etc. You could also install it in your original pc. SqueezePlay is beta though and ranks low on the fix list. If it works its great, but if not it will be a while before it gets sorted out. Squeezeplay has the advantage that you could also use it to control the other players in your house.

d) Use squeezeslave which acts like a squeezeplay with no frontend.
Then use the web interface to control.

e) The itunes sharing option above suggested by MeSue. Not familiar with it.

I would go for a) if or e) if you like to control music through my normal pc music plauyers such as itunes.
I personally use c). I also load up Moose which is PC software to control any player on your network.