View Full Version : A question about the battery pack ...

2009-10-04, 08:17
I'm considering purchasing the optional battery pack when it becomes available. I probably won't use it very often, as the radio will be sitting on a night stand in my guest bedroom most of the time. It would be nice, however, to take the radio out to the backyard ever once in a while. I'm wondering if it is bad for the battery to have it continuously connected to the radio even if it isn't being used for long periods of time.

2009-10-04, 11:31
It can be. But that is one of the things the engineers have been spending a lot of time getting right in the charging code. The Radio itself looks after the condition of the battery as best it can.

There is no way to prevent the pack going bad over time, this is a draw back to all battery technologies, but there are things you can manage with the right charging code.