View Full Version : Slightly OT - 5.8 Ghz Phones - OK with Squeezebox?

Eric Gauthier
2004-06-30, 22:23
I have 2.4Ghz phones, Siemens 8xxx with 6 handsets. I run a Slimp3 wireless
(802.11b with a bridge) and a squeezebox wired, as well as 3 wireless PC's.
No problems at all.


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>Robert Wallace wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have a 2.4 Ghz phone and it will knock my Squeezebox completely off
>> the "air". I kinda expected this, though my microwave doesn't even
>> cause SB to burp.
>> So, I've been eyeing the new 5.8 Ghz cordless phones and wonder if
>> they
>> co-exist with Squeezebox. Is there any 2.4 Ghz transmission
>at all? I
>> ask because my 2.4 phone has an unadvertized 900 Mhz
>back-channel that
>> "killed" my older 900 Mhz phones.
>> Thanks for any info.
>Does anyone have 2.4ghz phones workign around a wireless (2.4) lan
>without significant interference (enought to stop the
>squeezebox). I am
>thinking of getting some portable phones but may have second thoughts!