View Full Version : Artwork scan in 7.4

2009-10-03, 11:05
Since Squeezebox Server is now released and stable (that and the fact that I just got iPeng 1.2 on my iPhone and is seems to encourage the upgrade) I thought it was time to upgrade from 7.3.4 on my Ubuntu Server.

I'm not impressed. It didn't seem to import a single setting from my old Squeezecenter 7.3.4 installation and so all of my tweaks are lost, but what's more the new database scan seemed to complete with only a few of my albums and when I did a new complete scan it got all the albums (as far as I can tell) but seems to not have scanned any of the artwork. I have to go into each album in turn from the web UI to get the artwork to appear.

While my collection is modest by many people's standards, I still don't fancy clicking through all 402 albums to get the artwork to show. Is there any way to force an artwork scan? BTW my artwork is stored as folder.jpg for each album (each album being in its own subfolder).

2009-10-03, 23:46
I did a complete new install of 7.4.1 and the first 2 complete rescan did not return any artwork (I could see them when I played a CD). But then with the third complete rescan artwork was scanned.

2009-10-04, 06:07
Oh yeah, it seems that it's third time lucky to get the artwork scan to run. Wonder why that is?