View Full Version : Does Title Switcher work in 7.4?

2009-10-03, 06:54
I haven't upgraded yet from 7.3.3 since I don't see a compelling need, although I'd like to because there are some "like-to-haves" with the new release. It looks like all my plug-ins are available and work, but I noticed that TitleSwitcher was conspicuously absent from Erland's list of updated plug-ins. Does the "old" version work ok in 7.4?

2009-10-03, 08:00
Does the "old" version work ok in 7.4?

Yes it does

2009-10-03, 11:20
Cool! Went ahead and made the switch to 7.4, and all your updated plug-ins that I use appear to work fine, including Title Switcher.