View Full Version : Slightly OT - 5.8 Ghz Phones - OK with Squeezebox?

Robert Wallace
2004-06-30, 18:15
Thanks for all your replies. I've decided to go with the Panasonic 5240 - a
bit more phone than I really need (talking caller ID?), but I've been
pleased with Pana phones in the past and this one gets good user reviews.


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I have a 2.4 Ghz phone and it will knock my Squeezebox completely off the
"air". I kinda expected this, though my microwave doesn't even cause SB to

So, I've been eyeing the new 5.8 Ghz cordless phones and wonder if they
co-exist with Squeezebox. Is there any 2.4 Ghz transmission at all? I ask
because my 2.4 phone has an unadvertized 900 Mhz back-channel that "killed"
my older 900 Mhz phones.

Thanks for any info.