View Full Version : Suggestion for Current Playlist screen

Philip Meyer
2009-10-03, 04:39
The screen currently shows the current playlist songs, and then also "Clear Playlist" and "Save Playlist".

Here's a suggestion: make the list only contain the playlist items, and move the buttons to be permanently on the screen, either at the bottom like the action buttons on the Now Playing screen, or down the right-hand edge (i.e. so the action buttons don't scroll when scrolling down the list of songs).

Other buttons/functionality could be added to this button group. Other functions that might be quite useful are:

- "Trim played songs" button, to remove all items up to the currently playing song. Perhaps hooks could be added such that Applets could add to the button group?
- "Playlist History" button to browse recently played music. i.e. the undo behaviour when accidentally wiping a playlist by playing a single track.

I suppose the only issue with this could be making the icons clear enough, as there wouldn't be text to go with them. But it would be more fitting for the Touch interface.