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2004-06-30, 15:08
Do you really believe Roku is shipping anytime
soon? They already delayed it for quite some time
and I doubt they're ready yet. I'm probably
wrong, but time will tell. Just my thoughts.


--- "Roy M. Silvernail" <roy (AT) rant-central (DOT) com> wrote:
> kdf wrote:
> >I dont do any official customer support (mostly
> because I'm far too keen to tell
> >someone to take a flying leap if they are pushy ;).
> >
> You have *no idea* how often I'd have liked to do
> just that! :D
> >However, I was mostly
> >thinking in terms of a new group of people, most
> likely with different ways that
> >they want the system to work. Thus, more feature
> requests that could
> >potentially pull in different directions. There is
> also the issue that many
> >will find it cannot measure up to squeezebox when
> used with slimserver, simply
> >because the soundbridge uses the older Slimp3-style
> UDP protocol.
> >
> >
> Well, unless they also have a Squeezebox, I doubt
> they'd have a
> reference for comparison. (and if they do own a SB,
> I doubt they'd buy
> a Roku, but I digress) But you hit the nail
> squarely. Different
> audience, different expectations and eventually a
> dilution of the
> product. Sort of like what happened to Creative
> Computing magazine back
> in the 80's when all the other computer mags were
> going under and
> subbing CC for the remaining subscriptions.
> >I'm not sure many will come along here and announce
> "my soundbridge wont play
> >FLAC...".
> >
> Oh, they will. You can bet Roku will have a form
> letter directing all
> inquiries right here.
> >Of course, if they threaten to return their
> hardware because flac
> >drops out...that might be entertaining :))
> >
> >
> Hey... I think we're on to something! :)
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