View Full Version : Apple Airport Extreme w/ Guest network: problem with accessing SB server with iPeng

Sam Lowry
2009-10-02, 19:58
Wasn't sure if this was best posted here or on the Apple forums. I recently bought a new Apple Airport Extreme router. I'm replacing an older Airport Extreme. This time I created a "Guest Network" which lets me have what I assume is basically a virtual secondary network for guests to use and my iPhones/ipod. On their own, they seem to be working great. I have static ip (10.0.1.?) addresses for everything on my main network, and DHCP (171.???.???.???) on the guest one.

Here's my problem which I only discovered because of the iPeng iPhone app. I recently bought the newest version (1.2) and it works great if my server computer and the phone are on the same network. But, I want the iPhone to be on the guest network and leave the server on my main network. I tried adding all variations of the server's ip address as the instructions describe (, and but apparently because the iphone is on the guest network, it isn't letting me do it.

The question: Can I access a device/computer on a different wireless network? And how is it done?

I realize now that if this is possible, I could have a lot more devices on my guest network so I don't add more ip conflicts on my main network.


2009-10-03, 07:06
I'm not familiar with AE, but from what you describe I believe your "Guest Network" is a demilitarized zone that only has access to the internet.
You might have to open a port on the router to the outside world to allow access to teh server (TCP on port 9000).
Maybe Airport has an option to only open a port towards the guest network.

You would still have to configure your server's IP address manually in iPeng since the server detection broadcast will certainly not work.