View Full Version : New Versions of Bemused Bridge & AlienBBC

Jules Taplin
2004-06-30, 11:29
Hey folks.

New toys for you all!

AlienBBC has been updated to version 0.3. It's still pretty experimental, but it should be able to play the 'live' BBC RA stations now, as well as (at least sometimes) clean up after itself. This seems quite a lot more solid to me.

Secondly... Bemused Bridge (which lets you control squeezeboxen from your Bluetooth mobile phone) now allows you to select which squeezebox you want to control. This is now version 0.3, too.

I'd particularly like feedback with AlienBBC - if you can find a stream that it b0rks on, please let me know - I think I've caught all the special cases for how the BBC refer to streams, but you never know if they've slipped one past me.

Both are available from: http://www.mrtickle.org


-- Jules

2004-07-01, 05:01
Hey Jules,

Nice work. I had a short while to look at AlienBBC v0.3 last night, looks like its taking shape. Good to have a link that takes you back up the directory listing. I've looked at 3 or 4 shows which I've found OK however testing is a little difficult.

I think I read on a previous posting of yours that after playing a stream, then coming out, alienstream remains as a process & it won't play another one. Happened every time I've tried so far. Do you know what the issue is here & where we look for a solution?