View Full Version : what my wife wanted in the first place

2009-10-01, 11:23
I finally ordered the squeezebox classic a month ago. Works great, sounds great, but since my wife has an iphone now, anything non-visual, non-touch in a real pain by comparison.

Hope the price is reasonable. What would be really cool is a discount for anyone who bought the classic not so long ago... : )

Now back to figuring out how to get my podcasts to work with the new app server system...

2009-10-01, 12:21
So get your wife iPeng 1.2

2009-10-03, 16:28
Hope the price is reasonable.
ipeng for ten bucks will get her where she wants to be.

2009-10-03, 23:40
Yes - take her to the AppStore and let her buy the iPeng App. Now she can controlle you classic with her iPhone