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John McNamara
2004-06-29, 17:04
I have a Pioneer VSX-509S. I will revert to the 23 firmware and report
back. I'm assuming it's ok to use slimserver v5.2 with firmware 23?


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> Date: June 29, 2004 12:27:00 PM EDT
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> Subject: [slim] 5.2 Major Squeezebox Problems
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> jmcnamara (AT) mac (DOT) com wrote:
>> Any suggestions on how to proceed in diagnosing or working around the
>> problem described in the thread below? The current situation is that
>> with slimserver 5.2 and firmware 2.7 or 2.8 I can crash my squeezebox
>> by simply hitting volume up and volume down quickly several times–
>> this is volume control for my Pioneer A/V receiver using a harmony
>> remote (universal). FWIW in my slim preferences I turned off the JVC
>> IR codes.
> John, which Pioneer receiver do you have your Harmony receiver
> programmed to control? I'd like to recreate the problem here. Assuming
> I can, we can probably suggest a firmware version to revert to (23
> would be my guess, if you're willing to give it a try). See KDF's mail
> on this thread to see how to revert the firmware.
>> One other piece of information. When I updated the firmware to v2.8
>> originally it said it was successful but then the display started
>> showing a line of all 'A's– it rotated every few seconds thru the
>> remainder of the character set– B, C, etc. Eventually I did a soft
>> reset and it came up apparently ok. This was certainly strange
>> behavior but I haven't seen that specific behavior again.
> Something seems to have triggered your box to run its self-test.
> Please post if it happens again.
> --Vidur