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2004-06-29, 13:48
The only thing I would suggest is that you go to the program setup and look for slimdevices.exe and make sure it has full access. I use Zonealarm, but I have not set it up on my slimserver box. I'll take a look at trying to duplicate your problem this evening and let you know if I get the same issue.

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Here's a really interesting problem involving firewalls (an area in which I am most certainly not an expert!!).

I was using Norton Internet Security 2004 and my SB was working great - no problems with Shoutcast or anything else under 5.2. I decided to install the new Zonealarm Pro Security Suite instead (version 5.0.590.043) as I've always been a fan of Zonealarm. That's when my problems started. Everything works except Shoutcast - here is the saga.

When connecting to Shoutcast, I get the usual message "Connecting to SHOUTcast web site....." After about 10 seconds, I get the message "Problem: lost server.....," etc. If I use a saved playlist with a Shoutcast site in it, I can connect OK to the broadcast and listen for evermore but as soon as I try to change to another station by reconnecting to the Shoutcast web site, I loose the server again! It would seem then that I can connect directly to a broadcaster but not to the Shoutcast web site.

If I shut down Zonealarm manually by right-clicking the taskbar icon and shutting down, it makes no difference. If I uninstall Zonealarm, everything then works. This is definitely connected with the new version of Zonealarm then.

Next thing I did was to re-install an older version of Zonealarm Pro (version 4.5.538). Everything works fine. Performed an upgrade to version 5.0.490.043 and no Shoutcast again.

I checked out everything with the squeezebox and also with Softsqueeze - exactly the same problem.

There is definitely something different about this new version of Zonealarm and I was just wondering whether anyone has had any experiences with it. I really would like to get it sorted because it's a great program, especially as it has AV facilities built in as well. Any ideas folks?

Roger, Newbury, UK