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2009-10-01, 04:37

I have just received my Squeezebox Duet and Squeezebox Boom. I already have a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo and was pleasantly surprised to see it already had an iTunes service installed - so I enabled it.

Each family member has their own iTunes library. These have all been correctly migrated to shares on the ReadyNAS (database, artwork, music et al).

Rather than read the documentation for the Squeezebox stuff (I am a male) I just plugged in the Boom and connected it to my wireless network. Wow, it connected, found my NAS and found music. I tried playing a track, but sadly it kept dieing. I don't now why - it could be that the wireless connection was dropping or it was not decoding the iTunes stuff quickly enough. Anyway, at this point I decided to follow the documentation here on the SqueezeCenter_on_ReadyNAS wiki.
This upgraded to RAIDiator 4.1.6, and SqueezeBox server 7.4. I also downloaded and installed the windows version for good measure.

Once this was done, I could no longer see any music at all on my Boom or Controller. Disaster!

I then went into the web interface for SqueezeCenter 7.4 via the readyNAS and told it to rescan all my folders. At this point I became a little worried. When I looked at Squeezecenter screen shots I see an iTunes tab, but there is no such tab on my interface. When I looked at the windows version there was an itunes checkbox in the basic settings, but nothing on the readyNas version. Anyway, I went ahead and rescanned everything. The controller and Boom then decided to do an update too (good). To to my temporary relief I could then see all the music on the controller and Boom. When I try to play anything it just goes instantly to STOPPED. I also see errors about "Unable be able to play file FILE:///media/kevin/itunes blah blah).

So, although I started from a bad place with playback dropping out, I am now at a far worse place.

Is this because of the missing iTunes setup capability in SC on the readyNAS? Do I need to enable it somewhere (like a plugin) in order to see the iTunes tab?

On screenshots of the iTunes tab I have seen you can only specify the locations for one iTunes XML library etc. Does that mean I cannot import multiple iTunes libraries? That would be a severe limitation.

That aside, my BOOM drops its wireless connection every few minutes so it is next to useless at the moment. I can cross that bridge when I can at least get some playback with the Duet receiver (which is ethernet wired). The controller does not seem to lose connection at all, only the BOOM.

Another minor gripe is that the time on the BOOM is an hour behind the readyNAS server and the duet controller. I cannot seem to get this corrected?

Summary of questions then:
1) How can I enable iTunes in the SC 7.4 on the readyNAS?
2) Do I need to use something like LAME to change the encoding to make it work properly?
3) Can I only get SC 7.4 to recognise one iTunes library. If so, does anyone know of a workaround. Should I forget iTunes for example?
4) How can I correct the time on the Boom?
5) Any ideas why the Boom drops its connection all the time when the controller does not?

Sorry this is so long, but I would like to try to get this working before sending it all back and buying a Sonos :-(

2009-10-01, 08:39
I have progessed a little furtehr by scouring the wikis etc.

I managed to get SC 7.4 working properly on my PC and enabled iTunes. I did point it to a specific XML library on a shared drive but it seems to have picked up all the music OK. I was able to play it through that source (i.e. the PC).

I have also enabled the iTunes tab in SC 7.4 on my readyNas. It still didn't want to play any of the songs however, so I am going to reset it and try again.

In the meantime, any help would be appreciated....oh, and the clock is now correct on the BOOM?!

2009-10-02, 03:30
Logitech told me that 7.4 has too many problems and to use 7.3.3?!

I am going to factory reset the readyNAS and all the squeezebox devices and start again.

Phil Leigh
2009-10-06, 04:53
Logitech told me that 7.4 has too many problems and to use 7.3.3?!

I am going to factory reset the readyNAS and all the squeezebox devices and start again.

see here...