View Full Version : Command line access to SqueezeBox reveicer?

2009-10-01, 02:24
I'd like to give my Windows always-on-music-server PC unattended control of my SqueezeBox reveicer, ie. query to see if the receiver is idle, and if so switch it to SqueezeNetwork/mySqueezeBox.com and power off the receiver.

I read the help file about the CLI, but while it lists all the commands it doesn't actually tell you HOW to send/execute the commands on the receiver.

Ideally I was hoping for a simple SqueezeBox command line tool (SBcom.exe?), so I could use it in batch scripts like this:

SBcom.exe query idle
ECHO SqueezeBox reveicer idle - switching it to mysqueezebox.com and powering off>>%log%
SBcom.exe connect mysqueezebox.com
SBcom.exe power off

Running SqueezeCenter/SqueezeBox Server 7.4 on a Windows XP.

(I know there are SqueezeBox Server plugins which can do almost the same thing, but I'd much prefer to let my server scripts handle this :))

2009-10-01, 05:20
Hmm, it's using telnet which isn't very scritp-friendly. However I just found out gharris99 has made a SCCLITool (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=63282), which by description should do pretty much what I need - certainly worth a try :)