View Full Version : flickr app is pretty cool

2009-09-30, 18:05
Get this. I have the Radio on my desk along with the Touch and am playing with the IR remote input on the Touch. Both players are receiving the IR signals, but I'm not paying any attention to the Radio. If it does something silly I just reach over and stop playback, turn it off or pull the power plug.

But then out of the corner of my eye I notice these cool photos being displayed on the Radio's screen. Somehow I'd gotten into the flickr app's Interesting Photos. Neat stuff. Viewed from about 4 feet away it looks much better on the little screen than I would ever have expected.

2009-10-01, 13:32
I would have to agree. I use it view my personal Flickr photos.

On the Radio, the Flickr photos fill the little screen and look pretty good. As someone picky enough to color tune my photos and my computer screens at home, I think the LCD colors look pretty close to accurate; maybe a little cool/blue, but not by much.

Andy did a great job on this.


2009-10-02, 03:13
It is indeed. Try out the Search function (tag or text) as well.

One problem though, I'd suggest they make any Volume changes (adjust or mute) not interrupt the Flickr playback.