View Full Version : Uninstalled apps showing in context menu?

2009-09-30, 16:05
I'm defining "context menu" as that menu which appears when you press (and hold??) the center button on the SBC or the wheel button on the Boom.

I do not have the following apps installed:
Last.fm, Facebook, Flickr, Amazon.

And yet when I access a song's context menu, I see:
"On Last.fm Radio", "Share on Faceboo" (sic), "On Flickr", and "On Amazon".

Note that these (unwanted) items only appear when I'm listening to Slacker or Pandora - they don't appear when listening to my other apps (RadioTime, SHOUTcast, SKY.fm, or radioio).

Anyone else see this?

2009-09-30, 18:23
I don't know if what you describe is the correct behavior or not because I do have the apps installed, but if you untick the plugins in your settings, it should remove them from everywhere.