View Full Version : AlienBBC - An Experimental Plugin for browsing andplayingBBC Radio RA Streams

Jules Taplin
2004-06-29, 01:59
Well... you're entirely welcome. *blush*.

I have to say... I'd really, REALLY like to use it more than I do (that's why people write this kind of stuff, after all). Sadly... AlienStream itself (although lovely) just isn't finished enough... and getting that lot to work really isn't my kind of hacking at all :(

-- Jules

"waldy" <waldy.wiz (AT) ntlworld (DOT) com> wrote in message news:cbov2b$onl$1 (AT) sea (DOT) gmane.org...
> Jules,
> Absolutely brilliant! Probably the best thing since sliced bread Suddenly
> all the bbc's rich listen again archive is available at a press of a button
> (or three).
> It pretty much works as you describe. It is hindered by alienstreams' lack
> of error recovery & some work to tidy up browsing & perhaps a pause feature.
> ( I think the stream rtsp holds the start position of the stream at the end
> of the line)
> This will certainly be the feature on slimserver that will have the heaviest
> use for me. Congratulations Sir, excellent work.
> regards Waldy