View Full Version : Can't access the song tracks on Queen's Absolute Greatest

2009-09-30, 09:11
I only get the option for the Narratives (band commmetaries) or Lyrics; there's no option for songs on my Boom. When I installed the app I was provided with a "configure" button - clicking the button only resulted in making the button disappear.

In the Radio forum, it was suggested that those tracks are inaccessible without a controller. However, the following suggests that the Boom should be able to hear the song tracks and not the band commentaries.

With Queen and Squeezebox you can
-Preview Queen’s upcoming album, Absolute Greatest
-Listen to band commentaries on tracks from Queen's Absolute Greatest*
-See exclusive band photos**
*Not available on Squeezebox Duet, Boom, Classic or Transporter®
**Not available on Squeezebox Boom, Classic or Transporter

2009-09-30, 16:59
While I did interpret this the same way you did... In the end, I accepted that this is likely just for Radio and Touch folks... :(

There is a sidebar ad for the app... Here is a cut and paste of the text:

Queen's Absolute Greatest,
streamed to your Squeezebox Radio
or Squeezebox Touch for FREE until
the album release in November.

2009-09-30, 18:31
You can access the tracks on the Boom by individually adding them as favorites. Title:1. We Will Rock You. URL:queen://a1t1.mp3

The problem is that you can't play the tracks consecutively.

2009-10-02, 04:56
By jumping to a lot of hoops I got it playing on my SB3, but you know how it is, after while you lose track of what actions were performed and you're not really sure what it was that got things going.
Anyhow, I believe the sequence was something like this: Upgraded SBS to 7.4.1 nightly build, installed Squeezeplay, configured Squeezeplay to use the SB3 as player, installed the Queen app. Using Squeezeplay I added the album to the playlist and started playing. After that I could control the SB3 using its remote. Perhaps one or two of those steps could be omitted, YMMV.