View Full Version : Relative Newbie to Squeezebox Forums- an Appreciation

2009-09-30, 09:02
As a newcomer to these forums I would like to say that I enjoy "lurking" and have learned a lot on the Squeezebox and problems and opinions on the enjoyment of music almost all of which I was unaware of before.

I have also been greatly helped in the setting up and operation of my Squeezebox and music library and now would hate to have to go back to the old system of inserting music CD's into the HiFi !

I have , however , a mild criticism of the supervision of the Forums . It seems to me that , unlike other Tech Forums , there is a tolerance of people "breaking into" other peoples threads with comments like "... Yes I have a similar problem to that ...." and from which intro they then proceed to talk about their problem which is frequently sufficiently different from the OP's thread to really require a separate Post with its own separate heading.

This habit is pretty seriously frowned upon in other Tech-based Forums and is quite strictly policed.

What do others think , I wonder?