View Full Version : 5.2 Scanning: Memory usage constantly increases

Simon Turner
2004-06-28, 13:43
> I don't use iTunes or Moodlogic , however I suddenly thought that I
> do have a lot of duplicates in my library , something that
> SlimServer nicely
> sorts for me and only presents each track/album once. I am not sure which
> 'versions' it choses but I would have liked to think it served the highest
> quality version.
> Could this be the issue ?? - it stems from a while back when I
> ripped in different formats - and also my sharing where also I have some
> albums in two places aften with different recording formats though the ID3
> tags are likely identical.

I don't use iTunes or Moodlogic either but I too have lots of duplicate
tracks (e.g. the same files with the same tags in flac and also mp3 format)
and my Slimserver also appears incapable of scannning my files without using
all my PCS's RAM and processing power for at least 14 hours (or longer, I've
never been able to wait until it is finished as I've needed to use my PC).

Simon Turner
Brighton UK