View Full Version : 5.2 : still 100% cpu / RAM problems, device resettingitself

Laurent Perez
2004-06-28, 07:00
Hi, my squeezebox is broken :(

After various unsuccessfull attempts of library rescans using versions
ranging from 5.1.4 to latest 5.1.5/6 cvs, I was highly anticipating the 5.2
release, but it seems cpu and memory hog problems aren't fixed yet. It's
good to see bugfixes (like shoutcast not crashing server anymore, or
music/playlist folders being saved on first installation) but the 100% cpu
problems on rescan are still a major bug, I have 600 albums, it usually
stops scanning in-between 350 and 420 albums, leaving a frozen slim.exe at
100% cpu usage and a raising memory usage chart, sometimes a zombie
slimserver.exe, no other choice but ctrl+alt+del to kill them. Seeing these
problems again, I uninstalled and went back to non-cvs 5.1.5 version which
was working almost correctly 90% of time for me (10% left being random cpu
hogs and shoutcast crashing), I rescanned folders, all 600 albums being ok,
and started playing.

After about 5 minutes of playing, the squeezebox just reseted itself ! No
display on device, but slimserver appears to be playing fine (your device
is detected etc.). I turned it off, plugged it back, same problem about 3
minutes later, this time showing 'lost connection to slimserver' warning.
My device was updated with 27 firmware during 5.2 installation, and I have
no idea of how to revert it back to previous firmware. At the moment I have
a half-working squeezebox in my living room, and I don't know how to fix
this problem.

On a side note - I'm not bitching or anything, slimdevices made a cool
device and having an open community/server is great - I think slimserver
development should really be focused around these scanning problems which
seem to be a pain for many users. Sure, iTunes is a piece of crap, but now
that Apple has entered the stereo-wifi battle with Airtunes directly aimed
against slimdevices (without remote -yet), the slimserver should really get
important fixes : newbies - say "no-techies" - don't try cvs versions,
don't upgrade or downgrade firmwares, don't read ml archives, don't edit
perl code whenever their music server crashes, but they do compare and buy
the best product ;)

Any help appreciated