View Full Version : Looking for improved wireless network range - WAP recommendations?

2009-09-26, 16:49
For 5 1/2 years, I've been using a Linksys BEFW11S4 802.11B router for my home network, and nearly 4 years now it's been feeding my SB3.

3 months ago I moved - and my home theater room is further from my office (where the Linksys WAP is installed) than it was before. My new home has a metal roof which hurts the range.

The range has been ok - 65 - 70% but a couple weeks ago I insulated the attic in the house over the 1 story section where my office is - the signal has to push upwards to the 2nd story section at the front of the house where the HT room is (on the second floor).

Now I'm finding my signal strength is ranging from 45 to 55% - when it's below 50% I experience drop outs and buffering issues, and streaming radio stations cutting out.

So I'm in the market for a router that will have much better range/signal strength than the 'vintage' Linksys I'm currently using. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.


2009-09-26, 19:52
Most of the 802.11n routers out there would be good because they use MIMO antenna setups that improve range.

The Linksys WRT310N is a good option. If you have any devices or plans to use 5.8ghz gear, get the WRT610N.

There is also the Apple Airport Extreme. I've had very good luck with that one.

2009-09-27, 03:00
If you only need the increased wifi range for that one SB, then consider a pair of homeplug ethernet over power adapters instead. The Devolo ones are best in my experience.