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2009-09-26, 08:02
I have been using my squeezebox v3 at my office for a few years. I just changed routers to a sonicwall and connect via wifi. I mainly use squeezenetwork and am running 7.3.3 with version 127 firmware.

The issues I now notice are as follows:
1] frequent time outs when trying to access wireless network [works after 1 or 2 attempts]
2] dchp assignment will also timeout and requires multiple attempts
3] response to remote seems sluggish when connecting to squeezenetwork
4] once connected to squeezenetwork, player stops playing after a few seconds to a few minutes. Under this circumstance, the player appears to be non-responsive but if left alone, it goes into the off mode where date/time are listed.

I spoke with sonicwall and they after doing a packet capture they said it looks like the communication is send some kind of signal to 'terminal' the connection between the two [I forgot the proper packet name he used]

Any help appreciated.

2009-09-26, 09:12
I'd suggest:
- change router to G only (not a/b/g mixed)
- change router name to something unique (not the mfr's default name)
- see what ch's are in use nearby (office next door may be competing for your routers ch)
- choose ch 1 or 6 or 11 (whichever is not in use nearby or is the weakest competing signal)
- try unplugging router and SB3, turn off any other networked devices, then plug router back in (wait for it to completely re-boot) then plug in SB3 and any other devices (waiting for each to connect before continuing)
- temporarily try the SB3 wired to rule out non WiFi issues
- temporarily move SB3 closer to router, see if WiFi issue improves

What is your SB3 reporting as it's signal strength on WiFi?

2009-09-26, 13:23
Further details I forgot to include. The router is a TZ100 Sonicwall.

Frequently when it stops playing or is unable to start playing on SN, I will get a warning stating something to the effect of unable to connect to squeezenetwork, press the right arrow to try again.

I have tried changing the name on the network with no results.
I tried unplugging and rebooting both the router and the sb several times without results.
I tried last night using a wired connection and the same issues persist. My wireless signal is at 97%.

Interestingly, if I connect to SqueezeCenter, I can play music fine on the server, but I cannot sources external to my LAN.

Other ideas?

2009-09-27, 07:17
Yeah, that's why I suggested trying wired. If the issue persists with wired than your issue is not likely WiFi (especially with a 97% signal strength).
I'd suggest calling your ISP and router mfr and checking settings on your router. Something is not right.
If you still have your previous router around I'd try hooking it back up and see if the problem goes away.

2009-09-27, 08:10
Unable to conect to squeezenetwork ? can it be a DNS problem of some kind ?

2009-09-27, 09:38
I am going to try the old router. If the old router works then I assume it is not an ISP issue. But where to go from there I am uncertain.....

The sonicwall has so many options compared to a normal consumer router difficult to know where to start.

2009-09-29, 12:43
So I took my squeezebox home and had no problems connecting it to the squeezenetwork. I updated to 7.4 beta and it works fine.

I returned to my office and the same issue arises whether on a wired or wireless connection: I get a message saying UNABLE TO CONNECT or UNABLE TO CONNECT TO MYSQUEEZEBOX.COM.

Any suggestions. Getting desperate.

2009-09-29, 14:02
Did you try the old router in the office?
Try your home router in your office?
Until you try another router (preferably the one that was working before on the same ISP) you probably won't know if it's the new router or the ISP.

2009-09-29, 19:31
I tried my old netgear router in my office and the squeezebox works fine both wired AND wireless. So I assume it is the new Sonicwall router. The question is what settings do I look at?????

I have had firewalls on before with my netgear and didn't open any ports and it worked fine.

Any suggestions? The tech for Sonicwall are in India, and have never heard of the squeezebox and couldn't figure out what really to change last time I spoke with them.

2009-09-30, 02:42
Call Logitech support.
Return Sonicwall.
Put your old router back. :)