View Full Version : Complete rescan failed to scan MusicIP

Philip Meyer
2009-09-26, 02:18
I tried to do a complete clear+rescan.

Came back a bit later to discover the last scan result was:

Directory Scan (29648 of 29648) Complete 00:27:19
MusicIP Import (0 of 29642) Complete 00:05:04
Playlist Scan (8 of 8) Complete 00:00:02
Merge Various Artists (2504 of 2504) Complete 00:01:31
Artwork Scan (2611 of 2611) Complete 00:03:14

Abort scan
Music scan terminated unexpectedly (MusicIP Import)
Total Time: 00:37:10 (Saturday 26 September 2009 / 10:02:33)

I checked the scanner log:

[09:57:29.1599] Slim::Music::Import::runImporter (562) Starting Slim::Plugin::MusicMagic::Importer scan
[09:57:29.9062] Slim::Plugin::MusicMagic::Importer::exportSongs (225) Error: Couldn't connect to http://localhost:10002/api/songs?extended ! : No such file or directory
[09:57:30.0761] Slim::Music::Import::endImporter (696) Completed Slim::Plugin::MusicMagic::Importer Scan in 0 seconds.

So there's something wrong with the MusicIP import when importing all data.

The information is misleading - the step shows it completed in 05:04, but the log shows that MusicIP scan failed after 0 seconds.

The failure didn't stop subsequent steps from failing - is this expected? From memory, I thought that if a step crashed, it prevented other steps from executing too.

I'm not sure what has changed, but http://localhost:10002/api/songs?extended in itself is incorrect - MusicIP doesn't like that query.

Philip Meyer
2009-09-26, 02:24
I am now scanning for new/changed files, and MusicIP scanning is working with "Read mixable status only", i.e. it's only when it tries to fetch all MusicIP song data in one query that it seems to be failing.

2009-10-04, 10:08
Can you clarify if the slower scan from the database is better in some reason than the faster mix scan? I'm assuming it must have some benefit, otherwise not just use the faster scan all the time?


Philip Meyer
2009-10-04, 10:35
>Can you clarify if the slower scan from the database is better in some
>reason than the faster mix scan? I'm assuming it must have some benefit,
>otherwise not just use the faster scan all the time?

No the full MusicIP scan mode is worse - in my opinion it should be dropped, there's no need for it.

The full mode effectively takes all song information from the MusicIP library, and copies it into the Squeezebox Server DB. MusicIP doesn't scan in song info as good as the Squeezebox Server scanner. There are several reasons why I think this worse:

1. MusicIP doesn't support as many file types.
2. MusicIP doesn't support multiple tags. eg. Multiple genres, multiple artists.
3. MusicIP does some weird stuff with missing tags. eg. a song with no album tag in Squeezebox Server appears under "No Album", whereas MusicIP reports the song as belonging to album "Miscellaneous".
4. Not sure whether you would get artwork throught MusicIP import.

If you use the Squeezebox ServerScanner and full MusicIP import, then it may effectively be reading and storing tracks twice (takes twice as long).

You are better off scanning music with the Squeezebox Server, and then only reading mixable status for the songs that have been scanned. Once the mixable status has been retrieved from MusicIP, the Squeezebox Server doesn't need to try again in the future (if you do a scan for new/changed files, it only tries to get mixable status for the songs that are not yet known to be mixable).