View Full Version : Rhapsody's working prety well

Mark W
2009-09-25, 13:59
I listen to Rhapsody a lot (practically every day) via two Duet receivers and a Boom, and have recently noticed that I can't remember the last time I've had trouble with wierd behavior, dropouts, or hangs. This has been the case with both squeezecenter 7.3.4, and now more recenty with 7.4. Thanks to everyone at Squeezebox for improving the Rhapsody experience... it's been a real joy lately. By the way, the Duet graphics with 7.4 are really cool...

2009-09-26, 10:43
I agree.I have had no issues streaming Rhapsody lately.

Now if Real could fix their mind boggling ,dreadful Iphone
app I would be very happy.