View Full Version : Where is the Manual ?

2009-09-24, 18:44
Where is the Manual ? I'm looking at the documentation pages and I see no manual for radio ?

All other products have a nice manual as an pdf.

A complete and functioning product must have an comprehensive manual, I'm all for not having a paper copy as it is a waste resources, just put a note in the box "download manual here..."

Don't put in a worthless "quick start guide" as you did with the duets, it simply don't contain enough info, it only creates confusion and the newbie does not get the "real" manual, which in most cases are/where good.

Do you ever revisit and edit the classic/duet/transporter manuals, as you change functionality in SqueezeCenter and squeezenetwork ?

2009-09-24, 19:17
Radio isn't officially out yet, I imagine the manual will be posted when that happens. There's no Touch manual either...