View Full Version : Squeezebox + Spotify + PS3 = ???

2009-09-24, 12:53
I'm trying to figure out a way to control Spotify from my living room. Is it possible to control the PC with a PS3? I have tried something called teamviewer on my laptop earlier. This application made it possible to control my stationary Slim Server PC with my laptop, and thus control Spotify in my living room. The problem is that I don't want to have my laptop up and running in the living room.

What if you could use an application like teamviewer on the PS3? This would be a neat solution. Search for music on your TV-screen with the PS3 and stream the music from the PC to the squeezebox.

(I live in Norway. We don't have access to Napster.)

2009-09-24, 13:19
You can use Twonkey Media server (costs $30) to connect your PS3 to your media. This solution uses the UPnP protocol so SqueezeCenter and other software is not required.

2009-09-24, 13:34
I just want to control Spotify with PS3. I want the Spotify-screen from my PC on my TV.

2009-09-28, 00:42
I control it using my PSP. Not sure how the PS3 would work but I do the following:

1) Connect my PSP to my local network using wifi.
2) Open the PSP web-browser and I go to http://myserverip:9000/touch
3) Optionally save it as a bookmark.

Then you can control it.

The /touch tells it to use the Touch skin. You could try others that are listed on the webinterface by name. This way you can leave your default skin unchanged and only use specific skins on devices that require it.

2009-09-28, 04:53
I don't have my PS3 for the moment, but I'll try it when I get it back.

Declan Moriarty
2009-09-28, 14:13
That won't work! What he wants is to control SPOTTIFY with the PS3 not SqueezeCenter! I use VNC on my second PC. I think that VNC can use a web interface? I haven't tried it. You have to have a VNC server running on the PC you want to remotely control.

2009-09-28, 19:25
Apologies my comments are to control SqueezeCentre.

2009-09-29, 15:21
OK, then I'll try VNC. Does it work with the free version?

Declan Moriarty
2009-09-29, 16:40
Yes it does work with the free version. You have to use the address in the brouser of:-


where serverip is the ip address of the server you are using. You can also use the name of the server if it has a name. The VNC server will download a Java applet to the browser that has to be installed. After this happens it does an authentication check if you have set it up. After that it puts up another window with the desktop.

This presupposes that the PS3 will allow you to run java applets!