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Cherise Emerson
2004-06-27, 13:08
I'm experiencing similar with MP3s - have been since 5.1.6. I'm now 5.2,
27 and wireless, although I managed to significantly reduce the interference
by connecting Squeezebox to my access Point via Ethernet (ie wireless from
server). Now trying server connected by Ethernet to access point and
wireless to Squeezebox and some of the interference has returned. Even
happens if I have AP and Squeezebox next to each other with wireless
strength of 94.

I also get intermittent dropouts - not always when buffer is empty.

Cherise Emerson

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I'm running wireless, 5.2, .27, latest flac.exe, WinXP
Pro on the server box, and music folders hosted on a
separate box. Updated this morning, and now I get a
lot of clicking (right channel only) when playing back
..flacs (this has never been an issue before). Also,
mp3s are occasionally 'chirping'. These are things
I'd normally associate with bandwidth issues, but
that's never been a problem before. How do I figure
out what's going on?


Brian J. Haag
brian_haag (AT) yahoo (DOT) com