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Steve Frawley
2004-06-27, 13:05
on 6/27/04 12:57 PM, Pbox at slimdev (AT) peterlada (DOT) com wrote:

> Steve Frawley wrote:
>> After initial difficulties, a clean install of 5.2 was running fine but
>> missed about 20% of my music (25000+ iTunes - Mac G4 external drive
>> library).
>> After wiping the cache and doing a rescan, now I show just over 1000 of the
>> 25000+ in my library (as shown by iTunes).
>> What do I need to do to get it right?
>> I have reset the library location in iTunes AND aliased it to my local
>> library also.
>> OS 10.3.4 1.125G RAM wired to 3 SliMP3's
> In iTunes do you have all 25000 songs checkmarked? If not, that might be
> the culprit.
All are and have been checked.

> You can set slimserver to ignore the heck status for itunes
> library from the advanced server preferences.
That option was and is checked.

Odd though, in two hours it showed 1400+ of 25000+ songs from an earlier
1000+. At that rate it might all show in about 48 hours! I cleared the cache
to try again. Damn!

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