View Full Version : Import songs into Music Folder?

2009-09-23, 17:13
I would like to listen to songs on the Squeezebox Player that are on my hard drive. To do this, it seems like I need to import the songs into the Music Folder section of SqueezeCenter. If this is the correct approach, how do I get the songs into the Music Folder section of SqueezeCenter?

Thanks for any tips.

2009-09-23, 18:32
You don't really "import" them as such. You merely tell SqueezeCenter (SC) where to find them. In the SC web interface, choose Settings > Basic Settings tab > Music Library Name. Put the name of your folder where your music there (it may be more convenient to use the 'Browse' button). Then press the Rescan button on that page -- to be on the safe side it's better to select 'Clear library and rescan everything' from the drop-down menu before rescanning.