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2009-09-21, 06:38

I'm planning to get me a Squeezebox touch, but I wonder if it has the same problem for hebrew which the Duet has?
There is an old and open bug "Bug 8161 - Hebrew text appears reversed on the Duet Controller"

Whould any-one like to comment if this will also happen on the touch? because on the classic SB hebrew is displayed correctly...

2009-09-21, 07:02
Yes, the same bug also applies to Touch and Radio.

2009-09-21, 07:27
I understand. This is a major show-stopper for buying the SBtouch since a third of my audio content is the hebrew lang.
Do you have an estimated time frame for resolving this bug?

2009-09-21, 07:42
Sorry, no, but please add your vote for the bug.

2010-02-10, 06:34
As kobip mentioned before this is a major show stopper for any right-to-left language (Hebrew, Arabic etc.)
Now that SB3 is not available anymore, none of the devices you sell offer Hebrew support, making my music server non expandable...
Currently I use 4 SB3 and cannot pick anything else for additional rooms...
Wish non of these will break down in the coming years...

2010-02-13, 09:36

I'm also planning to migrate from SB3 (have 2 units) to SB touch, and hebrew support is important.
tried to "vote" and did not succeed , how do i do that?


2010-03-21, 02:39
Guys, there is an open bug for this. The link is attached in the first msg. Please vote and try to move the Guy to resolve it!