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Eric Gauthier
2004-06-27, 04:07

I would love to have this fixed. I have found some great music through the
Scrobbler site after it had watched my musical taste.

From looking at the Scrobbler web forums, I have seen posts that lead me to
believe that the BADAUTH problem is not only a Slimserver client issue.

I have taken a look at some extensive logs of the Slimserver Scrobbler, and
the BADAUTH seems to happen intermittently, even though the MD5
password/challenge token is the same from submission to submission, and no
interim MD5 challenge has been sent.


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>Jason Holtzapple wrote:
>> It doesn't work very well for me any more. The first
>submission or two
>> works, but then the server gets BADAUTH errors until the next
>> slimserver restart. I sent in a problem report but got no reply.
>I'm sorry for all the difficulties guys. I may be able to have
>a look at
>it soon.
>Stew (http://www.skyscratch.com)