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2009-09-20, 08:36
This may be a silly question but I have a bunch of RTI in-wall remotes that control my audio from different rooms. I have a SB3 that for the most part plays Pandora all the time and so it makes it easy for someone in a bedroom to hit "Squeezebox Audio" and start listening to music. I have a basic command/macro set up to fire an IR command when the user clicks "Squeezebox Audio". The command fires the following SB3 IR commands:"Power on", "Play". This is fired anytime the button is clicked in any room. I have to do this because I have no way for the remotes to know if the SB3 is currently "ON" and if for some reason the SB3 stops or loses power for some reason, I need the remote to fire commands to turn it on and play. The issue is that if the SB3 is currently playing, firing a "Play" again command from a different room causes the SB3 to skip to the next song. My question is: I there a way to disable the "Play" button's “skip” function or some other solution anyone can think of?

Hope this makes sense.
Thanks in advance for any help.

2009-09-20, 12:35
Have you tried power_off + play ?

2009-09-20, 13:27
Unfortunately, using "power_off", "play" would cause an interuption if you were allready listneing in one room (say the first floor) and someone on the thrid floor wants to listen to the SB3. I dont have votage sensing capability to tell the each of the remotes that the SB3 is allready on.

2009-09-20, 13:57
I didn't realize you only had one Squeezebox. Have you tried configuring it to resume playback at power on, and then sending only the power_on code?