View Full Version : Squeezebox and Spotify?

2009-09-19, 02:44
Anyone working on this?


I'm dying for this to happen!!

2009-09-19, 11:42
If you search, there is a long thread on this already (and a load more besides) - will try to summarise my understanding:

A Spotify plugin (third party or native) depends on Spotify releasing a useful API for developers. What has so far been publicly released is not an complete API, and is limited to a specific architecture (x86 C) so no good for Squeezenetwork and certainly not cross platform, so next to useless for SC (although there is at least one poster who disagrees with me on that).

I have no idea what private development may be going on with Slim Devices or anyone else, but SD developers have said it is functionality they would certainly considering adding if the commercial arrangements and architecture are there. It has been a regular request and there is an enhancement request on bugzilla that you can follow for updates.

In the meantime, DSBridge or Waveinput plugins will allow you to stream output from Spotify to your Squeezeboxes.