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2009-09-17, 20:43
In addition to running the Squeezebox server end enjoying it immensely, I run HomeSeer (X10) to control lights and other devices in my house.

The Duet controller is an obvious integration point for accessing HomeSeer events and the like so I've written a plugin for SqueezeBox Server / SqueezeCenter that will allow me to access these things from the Duet Controller.

If there is interest, I can make it available for others. I'd need to create some documentation so before I do that, i thought I'd put the "feelers" out to see if anyone else is looking for something similar.



2009-09-20, 08:44
So this would essentially put the Homeseer device status page onto a Squeezebox Controller? Could be handy to dim the lights, close the garage door, arm the security panel, etc. using an SBC.

Rob van der Does
2009-09-20, 09:37
Yes, I am definitely interested!

2009-09-20, 15:20
Yes -- the plugin does a couple of things.

It gives you access to all your devices and events defined in HomeSeer and let's you run an event, or switch a device on or off.

It also lets you a custom menu entries for quick access to things you like to have access to a lot so that you don't have to wade through a whole bunch of devices or events to control something.

Well I'm glad to hear what I've done will help a couple of others. I'll get some docs done and post a link.


2009-09-20, 19:29
For those who are interested, I've made the plugin and documentation available online.

I've started a new thread in the 3rd party plugins section of this forum here:


Thanks and enjoy,


2009-09-20, 19:32
I don't have a controller, but as a longtime HomeSeer user I'll follow this project with interest.