View Full Version : Fixed digital volume and variable analog out ?

2009-09-16, 08:57
The old firmwares in SB2/3 (classic) had the option to have the digital out volume fixed at 100% .
And at the same time you could have variable analog outputs.

This disappeared in some fw revision to save space I assume.

Is it possible to have this function in the Touch ?

2009-09-16, 13:37
I haven't seen the option in the audio settings, so probably not.

2009-09-16, 15:38
The digital out and analog out are separate ALSA devices so theoretically they could be fed separate streams. But at the moment they are cloned into a single virtual ALSA device so they always have the same data.

This is purely a software issue, there is nothing preventing the software from outputting two separate streams, but its not doing that right now. I have no idea how difficult that would be to implement.

John S.