View Full Version : More 5.2 problems (Automated Vacation Message)

Oren Sagher
2004-06-26, 08:07
I will be out of the office from June 26 to July 3. Your message has
been received, and will be read when I return. For urgent matters,
please contact my secretary, Holly Kirwan at 936-9593 or e-mail
hkirwan (AT) med (DOT) umich.edu.


>>> "discuss (AT) lists (DOT) slimdevices.com" 06/26/04 10:17 >>>

I'm running two SBs one directly wired to my router the other
connected via powerline. The server is a 2.6ghz 512mb ram XP Home with
all updates. Total tracks 6600.

If I stream flac converted to wav the powerline SB drops out. All ok
if bit rate limited to 320kbps. Other drop outsof tracks converted to
MP3 previously experienced seem to have gone away.

But I was just adding to my playlist using the remote as it was
playing when the server hung up. I perhaps rather hasitily shut down
the Slimserver window saying yes to closing the server and then
restarted it. Whereupon the whole system hung up. I managed to get
Taskmanager up eventually and found two instances of Slimserver
running. All attempts to kill them off came to nothing and in the end
(after about 20 minutes) the only way to make any progress was to pull
the plug on the computer and then reload it!!