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2009-09-13, 12:09
I have a Squeezebox 3 happily receiving tons of music from my SqeezeCenter through a wireless connection using WEP encoding on radio channel 1. However my neighbour is also using wireless modem on same radio channel; additionally I beleive WEP security is less safe than WPA or WPA2 security, so I want to change to radio channel 5 and WPA2 security. Although I can change these settings on mi wireless modem (Fritzbox 7270), the Sqeezebox does not seem to reconnect using these different settings.

Is it true, that with firmware version 120 I cannot connect on another radio channel?

Is it true that WPA2 is not supported in firmware 120 for squeezebox3?

thanks for your comments,

2009-09-13, 12:47
Have you gone back and reset the networking parameters on the SB3?

Changing from WEP to WPA2 may have confused it is the SSID is the same, I would recomend a factory reset to clear the networking information and start over.

press and hold '+' when starting the SB3.


2009-09-19, 14:20
thanks for this reply.

your advice did indeed work. I was able to change the security into WPA2, but it did not allow me to change to WiFi channel 6 from 1; when I redid the factory reset after I changed back to channel 1 (with WPA2 security) the SB3 did connect to my router.

So I will try some other settings of the WiFi channel to see if it will connect to another setting.

2009-09-20, 06:32
I don't know that you mean by change channel. You don't set the channel on the SB3.

Sequence after a reset should be something like:

Choose wireless.

Choose North America. (Your wireless router is set to north america if it offers the choice, isn't it).

See a list of SSID's. You did change the SSID of your router to be for sure unique. Choose your SSID.

You will be asked to enter the security fact.

Tell it to acquire ip address automatically.

It should now connect to your network.

If something fails, say exactly at which step and what happens.

2009-09-21, 08:17
Looks like an odd problem. Is it possible one device or the other is set to Europe's wireless standard - and the channels don't match except channel 1?

Do You have another device that connects when you set the wireless to channel 6? If you do and you are running XP and can you download Netstumbler to analyze the router when its on channel 6?

2009-09-23, 14:23
... when I redid the factory reset after I changed back to channel 1 (with WPA2 security) the SB3 did connect to my router.

Quick question - what channel is the router/access point set to? That's what determines the channel of the wireless network. From the sentence above it looks like the router is on channel 1, since you were able to connect on channel 1. Change the router to channel 6 and reboot everything. Should be ok and you shouldn't need to make another change on the controller.

2009-09-24, 14:20
the router was on channel 1, where everything worked fine, except my laptop which frequently lost connection. As another remote network is broadcasting on same channel 1 (I live in a city), I decided to move to channel 6, where I could not see other radio activity.

So I changed the settings in the router to channel 6, did a factory reset in the SB3 (as suggested in this threat) and tried to re-connect...without success. The SB3 keeps looking for a radio signal and times out after 30 seconds. No success for another try.

I have not yet sniffed radio signals while the SB3 is looking for connection yet, as suggested in this threat; I will do that to see what is going on.

funny thing is that when I repeat the whole procedure and change back to radio setting 1 I get inmediate connection.

I am in Europe, my modem is on Europe settings, as is my SB3. I use IEEE 802.11g standard (=2.4GHz) with WPA2 encryption.

The thing with European WiFi radio signals is that the radio channels do partly overlap; so you need at least 4 channels between two adjacent settings to get the least radio interference.

see "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:2.4_GHz_Wi-Fi_channels_(802.11b,g_WLAN).png

2009-09-25, 02:34
In that case, something is wrong.

I would contact support and see what they recommend, I suspect a RMA is in order.

2009-09-25, 02:51
Are you sure your SB player is indeed EU and not US?
Maybe ch 1 is the same for g band for EU & US but the remaining 2-13 ch's (2-11 US) are different??

Dunno, just throwing out something to look at.