View Full Version : wireless bridge on the touch and radio?

2009-09-13, 09:47
I rely on this feature with my SB2/3s, does the touch and radio support it?
(I didn't see this mentioned under specs on the product website). It is
a fantastic feature... don't hide it!



2009-09-15, 09:26
Anyone know the answer?



2009-09-15, 10:06
I'm 99% sure it does, but I haven't had a chance to test it yet.

2009-09-17, 02:42
Hi there

It's planned for Squeezebox Touch. Squeezebox Radio will not have this feature for initial release and I don't know yet whether it will be included later on.

Some technical background - in case you are interested:

Bridging between two wired ethernet interfaces is quite easy to implement. But between a wired and a wireless interface (as needed for Touch) it's much more complicated because most standard wireless drivers do not support it.

Bridging relies on the possibility to send a packet on an interface with a source mac address which is not its own, but the one of the device behind the bridge. Wired ethernet interfaces allow this but wireless interfaces do not. They simply drop packets with a source mac address not its own.


2009-09-17, 07:19
Thanks!, I appreciate the difficulty in implementing it and I understand that the Radio and Touch are new designs. I make really good use of the bridging capability in my house with my multiple squeezeboxes.

Unfortunately, this means I'm probably not going to upgrade two of my
SB3s to Radios. Hopefully you guys will find a way (or the desire) to do this for the Radio.

I'm glad the touch should support it. If it does, I'll be ordering at
least one!

I suppose I could find an alternative to a wireless bridge to network
my house, but the squeezebox was a great solution that solved multiple
problems for me.

Best Regards,


2009-09-17, 07:50
I agree that this is a valuable feature. While perhaps a bit off the core mission of the devices, it's adds a lot of value.

I'm sure a lot of these devices are set up in home media centers, right alongside other devices (game consoles, DVD/Blu-Ray players, Slingboxes, etc.) that benefit from a network connection, but don't have built-in WiFi.

I haven't priced them in a while, but dedicated wireless bridges had been selling for about $70 to $100. Avoiding this purchase is big win for the SB buyer.

2009-09-17, 11:31
Exactly. In addition to the use case in a media center (I currently use mine to network our slingbox), I think having a bridge in a bedroom device (e.g. the SB Radio) is a great feature. Each of my bedrooms has a squeezebox and they provide network connectivity cheaply and reliably for my nearby computers. Integrating multiple logical features into one box is a great selling point. Just being able to get rid of my cheap powered speakers is enough to get me to order a SB Radio (provided it eventually gets bridging functionality).

I hope there is enough like minded people to make it worth Logitech's effort to add this feature, should it be possible.



2009-09-27, 21:16
If we want to show our support for wireless bridging on the Radio?




2009-09-28, 15:32
Unfortunately, this means I'm probably not going to upgrade two of my SB3s to Radios.

Define 'upgrade' for us. I suppose you have those SB3s attached some audio equipment that makes music. The Radio is a nice piece of gear that sounds pretty good given its size, but it has its limitations. If you're replacing an SB3 and, let's say, a stereo receiver and bookshelf speakers, then you're only doing so to save space or else for the nifty little color screen, not to upgrade your audio system.

2009-09-28, 16:07
No, I don't have my two SB3s attached to anything fancy, just cheap computer
speakers. They are functioning as alarm clocks / small room audio
systems. So hopefully a radio will be an "upgrade" for me in terms of audio
quality and functionality as an alarm clock (dimming display, etc).

Except for the fact that I also using (and want to keep) the bridging feature as mentioned above. I understand it is difficult to implement, just adding my $.02 that it is a desirable feature, even for the Radio.



2009-09-28, 18:46
I'd look into Booms...they have bridging.